There can be several or 100 Technical Service Bulletins on a vehicle.  These are issued by the manufacturer for several reasons.  Perhaps they found a problem with something simple like a defective material in a seal which then causes a leak.  That doesn’t sound very ominous.  However, if that seal was part of your engine or transmission, it could be very important.   If enough fluid leaked out, it could do expensive damage.  Or, perhaps it was a result of a faulty ignition switch like GM customers have been experiencing.  We now know that there should have been a recall on the Cobalt switch.  Ultimately a “recall” on this switch was issued in 2010.  However, the Cobalt came out in 2005.  Continue reading

Common Auto Repairs to Prevent

Many of the most common repairs can easily be avoided if you pay attention to the preventive maintenance requirements.  If you have an owner’s manual, it will give you a maintenance schedule.  Almost any National auto repair center will print out a maintenance schedule for you, if you ask them. The general perception of “Auto Maintenance” is a way to get more money from the car owner and it is really not necessary.  The only response I can think of is a dentist tells you to have your teeth cleaned every six months.  Most everyone will procrastinate with this as well.  However, checkups prevent major problems and may avoid a cavity, root canal, or at worst gum surgery. So, back Continue reading