Is My Transmission Slipping or is it Something Else?

Everyone knows how their car feels and when it should shift.  But, if it doesn’t shift when you think it should, the cause may be the transmission slipping. It could also be due to a partially plugged catalytic (not Cadillac) converter. Or possibly it can also be something electronic causing it to feel like a transmission slipping.  If your transmission fluid is too low, that can also create this condition. Slipping is nothing more than the vehicle not shifting when it should. Typically if the transmission is really the culprit, then the RPM’s would rev and often you would see the service engine light.  If this is the case, it would likely be something internal causing the transmission to malfunction.  However, keep in mind that sometimes it is an electronic malfunction.

You can have your vehicle’s computer scanned.  There are free services that will pull generic codes from the computer, but that result may or may not give you the real cause of the problem. And sometimes, there are multiple reasons for a problem you are experiencing. The only way to be sure what the real answer to the problem is to have it checked by a transmission expert.  If you were sick, you might ask your friends or relatives if they had the same experience.  But before long, you would want to see a doctor.

The transmission is the most complicated part of a vehicle and the longer it is driven in a compromised condition, the worse it becomes.  That relates to added expense.  This is true if it is an electronic problem or something internal to the transmission.  So, the best advice is to get it checked and then decide what is best for your situation.

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